Monday, June 25, 2012


Wow, this is embarrassing ... it has, again, been too long since I posted last ... no excuses ... Just wanted a breather during the holidays and then just did not get back to the posts!  I have not quilted much in months.  My hubby and I have been remodeling a bathroom and refinishing floors in a couple rooms and trying to dejunk (is that a word) our home.  Just got back from a week at the beach and I am again motivated to get my UFO's done and on to quilts I really want to make ... I found that the UFO's are fun again.  They had to be put away to get me to like them again.  I hope some of you have come back to check up on me.  I'll be checking on you all again.  If not, I understand.  Sheez.  Been a long time and I can't expect you all to keep looking for something that is not there.

Here's a peek at the crazy quilt I started years ago on a similar beach week, and am now finishing and loving.  Just needs borders!!  Woo hoo for me!!!  Have a great week.