Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Fabric from London - LIBERTY!

Sew, I haven't been sewing at all for ages ... I hit a block after all the Christmas sewing and the purple quilt. Too much for me ... I did make my swap blocks, but that is really it. Since my youngest son is home for spring break, I won't get any done this week either, but next week, we are going to our timeshare at the beach and we are all in need of some relaxation! (Yes, I did just back from London, but that was an all out walk-fest ... fun, but I'm still tired!) Sew, I am taking my machine, taking blocks I finished years ago but never got put together and finishing the blocks and hope to start putting that quilt together.... that said, I have been on a fabric diet since September ... been doing fairly well, but had to buy at Liberty ... way too expensive, but the most wonderfully soft an beautiful fabrics ... got carried away! Back on the diet now! My camera is dying so these aren't great, but you can see why I loved them, right?


  1. This fabric is sooooo awesome!

  2. Just beautiful!!! Have so much fun and thank you for your visit, xo