Sunday, February 20, 2011

Off to visit my son and, this is what I have been doing!

I made this for a block swap I'm in. This is my first attempt at a wonky block and I really love the colors! What do you think? I may make myself one too! I have been neglecting my blog due to life getting in my way! Nothing new .... I hurt my back, ugh! I ended up going to the emergency room to get a pain shot (after having them let me sit around in severe pain for 4 hours because I wasn't THAT much of an emergency) and missing two days of work because I couldn't stand up straight. I am still a little stiff and sore, but am getting back to normal in time to go on vacation! Thank goodness

So, on Wednesday, I leave bright and early to visit my son and daughter out-law (son's fiance) in London and spending three days in Paris! So excited. I will be gone for over a week and haven't seen my son in six months! He moved from Philadelphia to London in September so his girl can attend graduate school. He is now working at Whole Foods in London and acclimating to British life! I can't wait, but that also means I will again neglect my blog (not too many visitors yet, but my own fault ... I'm going to try harder to get more of you involved upon my return).

My younger son is coming home just after my return from vacation. He'll be home for spring break for two weeks! I'm a very lucky mom! For his return, I made him this pillowcase because he is a huge Superman fan! I hope he likes it!

Thanks for stopping by and I promise to post some pictures from my trip! Hope you are all being productive and happy. Happy quilting!


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