Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Off to visit my son in London!!!

I know, you're all jealous!! I'm so excited! Our weather forecast is for a possibility of snow, of course, so think happy thoughts that I get out in time to make my connection. I will post pics when I get back in March! This was my Christmas Present from my hubby, who unfortunately is not able to go as he is a teacher and can't take the time off! He is wonderful for letting me go see my big boy and his fiance in their flat on the Thames! Did I tell you I was excited! Miss them so much! Here they are in front of Buckingham Palace when they first moved there last month! I'll have some more wonderful pics when I get back and you'll have to look!!


  1. Have a wonderful time Karen!!!!!!!!!

  2. Have fun and when you get home send me an e-mail At suzannewithdressagirl@gmail.com and I will tell you more about the Dress A Girl Around the world project. It takes about an hour to make a dress!